Sasha, shortly before her 6th birthday and my son Sean (age 7), June 1996
photo ©1996 Henry S. Rosner
Sasha was the youngest daughter of Linda Saar of Las Cruces, New Mexico. When my son Sean and I arrived in Las Cruces Sasha was 5 and Sean was 7. They immediately bonded. They rode their bikes together, played together, got in trouble together and camped out in the living room with Sasha's older brother Jason. They became fast friends.

Sasha was a sweet little girl with an adorable sense of humour. And I have an incredible amount of empathy for her father, Mark Sechrist. He lost his two little girls in a moment of senselessness and I think of him quite often. Mark was very kind to Sean and I when we were visiting in Las Cruces and he will remain in my thoughts as long as they exsist.

Sasha missed her eighth birthday by 29 days. Children should never pass before their parents. There is something inherently out of sorts with that.

Also lost in the accident was Sasha's sister Sarah, age 10, her mother, Linda, age 42, Linda's toddler son Andrew Saar, age 3, adult daughter Jennie Hanson, age 21 and Jennie's baby son Isaiah, age 7 months. At a little past 2:20am on July 1, 1998 the six of them were killed while stopped on I-10 East due to the authorities trying to clean up an earlier traffic accident that killed a Northridge, California college student on the shoulder of I-10 who was trying to change his flat tyre. A tractor trailer, stopped behind Linda, was thrust atop their Ford Taurus by a second tractor trailer that was barreling down the highway driven by a man who had apparently fallen asleep. Imagine the confluence of circumstances that needed to be in place for that to occur. Now try to wrap your head around it. I've tried for years... just can't do it.

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