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Time... making us grow older
and... the world a little colder
Greed... encompassing the value
insufficient regulation

Need... what the hell is all this crap?
It doesn't seem to mean a thing
when people are just wasted
Schizoid warbling is the cause of that

Reconstructed cities often crash
to the cause of all humanity
Begin indoctrination
"It gets very lonely at the top!"

... murder everywhere
people... living in despair
hate... burning in our minds
lust... on which society thrives

Time eraticates the truth behind the word
everything I thought or ever heard
anything I've ever wanted
disappears in cold injustice

Lost... locked in inspiration
but it is only vision
all dissipates in effervesence
misdirected animation

Now... I cannot begin to even think
I'm so lost in meaning
Sad... everything is morbid
feelings deadend, programmed humanoid


words, chorus & arrangement by Henry S. Rosner, Fall 1980
original "run" by Margaret L. Cellini, Fall 1980
first published ©1981 Burnham Music Ltd.
©1994, 2010 Geopaix/Henry S. Rosner, ASCAP