Christmas Time
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The leaves are falling from the trees
the wind is blowing cold
Two lovers walking hand in hand
the children's faces all aglow

Our voices singing everywhere (peace be with you)
Our love we share with one and all (open up your hearts)
The children playing in the snow (childhood laughter)
Reach out and open up your soul (flood the sadness with the light of hope)

All snuggled by the fireplace
to hear the tales of long ago
Reminiscing of a simple time
a time you really ought to know

The voices singing everywhere (sweetly spreading love)
The love we give to everyone (all the children)
The children laughing as they play (carefree moments)
Reach out it's just a smile away (embrace the joy it's time for everyone)

And if I told you that I loved you
would the snow fall just the same
And if I'm looking through a window
would I see your face again

A smile for everyone you know (smile a smile my way)
and sing the songs you know in rhyme (kiss the sadness)
Light a torch so I can find my way (I can see you)
The warmth I've grown to love (home again to you at Christmas time)

Home again to you at Christmas time.

words & music by Henry S. Rosner, 18-22 November 1990.
©1990, 1997, 2010 Geopaix/Henry S.Rosner, ASCAP.